Superhero Learning!


Unit 1: Students will be collecting data by reading surveys and charts. They will learn how to make and read tally charts, bar graphs, and picture graphs. 

Unit 2: Students will be learning adding and subtracting within 10. They have to compose and decompose the numbers within 10. For example - What two numbers can equal 7? or What number would I need to add to 2 to make a 7?

Unit 3: Students will be learning to tell time to the hour and half hour. 

Please practice these skills at home with your firstie!


Students will be reading poetry, folktales, and fables this six weeks. 

Poetry: Students will learn how to rhyme and how to create rhyming words. This is a skill that can be practiced at home! They will also create alliterations. Alliterations are two or more words in a sequence that contain the same beginning sound. Example Sanchez Superheroes! or Jiggling Jelly.

Folktales & Fables: Students will learn to make predictions and connections to the text. They will discuss morals and themes in stories and answer comprehension questions. 

Phonics Section -

Students will be reviewing all letters and sounds of the alphabet. This six weeks we will be reviewing how to blend letters together to create words. Please practice these skills with your student at home, in the car, while waiting in line at the grocery store, anywhere!




We will be reviewing the parts of a sentence - Subject and verb. As well as discussing capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and a period at the end of a sentence when it's a statement. I will stress finger spacing and neatness throughout the six weeks. 


​We will be discussing what makes a good writer and why writing is important. Students will begin to write a story about a fun day that had and remember. This six weeks we will go into detail about prewriting and the different ways to prewrite. 


Science Rocks!

​Unit 1: ​ ​We will be discussing weather such as cold, hot, warm, cool, cloud coverage, and observe changes from objects in the sky (sun, moon, stars)

Unit 2: We will determine what a scientist is and what makes a good scientist! We will also identify different types of matter and learn how to classify different sets of objects based on different properties. We will observe and discuss heating and cooling.


Unit 1: Students will be creating classroom rules and will discuss the importance of having rules in school and in the community.
Unit 2: We will analyze the different roles of leaders such as the school administrators, the mayor, the governor, and the president. Students will understand the importance of leaders and relate them back to having rules.