Sight Words

Here are our Kindergarten High Frequency Words for the year: 
can, I, like, we, see, the, go, to, a, have, play, you, he, is, and, she, are, said, do, this, for, what, here, little, my, was, has, look, where, with, me, one, new, make, come, they, not, but, there, his, what, all, into, two, no, who, now, find, down, did, get, away, blue, new, man, say 

(Please know that the first 25 of these high frequency words are our kindergarten foundational words, per our TEKS. Which, are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do. However, we build on these initial words. As our students master reading them we begin to move beyond into first grade words as soon as they are ready.  Our assessments are ongoing.)

Here are some ideas to help you practice sight words with your child at home J

Find them in magazines and cut them out
Write them with sidewalk chalk  

Spell them with magnetic letters  
Paint them  
Use shaving cream on the side of the bathtub and spell them  
Put them on post-it notes around your house  
Play Memory with the sight words (write and cut them out on paper) 
Type them on the computer
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